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     Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea



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12-13 July 2018 GFCM-HQs, Italy
AdriaMed Working Group on Small Scale Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea

The AdriaMed Working Group on Small Scale Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea (WG-SSF) was held on 12-13 July 2018 GFCM-HQs, Italy. Representatives of fisheries institutions from Albania, Croatia, Montenegro Italy and Slovenia attended the meeting.

The WG focused on the revision of the activities carried out on invasive species as well as on small scale fisheries and recreational fisheries in the past year. The experts identified practical joint specific activities to be elaborated by the WG-SSF, inclusive of methodological approach, and to be implemented in the cooperative framework of the AdriaMed Project. The future activities include, inter alia, the publication of the maps of distribution of effort of small scale vessels, the continuation of monitoring of the occurrence of new species in the Adriatic Sea according to the Local Ecological Knowledge method, as well as a data collection programme, on a pilot scale, on Recreational Fisheries. In light of the forthcoming “GFCM High Level meeting on Small Scale Fisheries” (September 2018), the participants agreed on the contribution that the Working Group will bring to the meeting.

24-25 May 2018. Torre a Mare (BA), Italy
AdriaMed Study Group on on intercalibration of fish otolith reading (Mullus barbatus and Solea solea)

The AdriaMed Study Group on intercalibration of fish otolith reading (SG-OTH-DEM) was kindly hosted by the COISPA Tecnologia & Ricerca – Stazione Sperimentale per lo Studio delle Risorse del Mare,...

Representatives of participating institutions (from Croatia, Montenegro Italy and Slovenia) attended the meeting. The meeting, focused on red mullet (Mullus barbatus) and sole (Solea solea). With regards to Mullus barbatus otoliths, the participants initiated to revise the ageing scheme and criteria and planned the next reading exercises to finalize the intercalibration and find a common agreement. With regards to Solea solea otoliths, the participants agreed on a roadmap that includes a marginal otolith increment analysis, the definition of a new common protocol and criteria for the ageing, together with reading exercises. The overall objectives of the SG-OTH-DEM is the enhancement of the quality of biological data gathered from wild stocks and used in stock assessment (calculation of the age length keys) for the Adriatic Sea.


A learning opportunity promoted by the FAO Fisheries Department Regional Projects, GFCM and the European Commission Joint Research Center to keep scientist up to date with new methods and tools for the assessment of stocks.


The summer school will run from 9 – 21 July 2018 and take place in Institute for Marine and Coastal Environment (IAMC-CNR) in Capo Granitola, Sicily (Italy). The school is intended for fisheries scientists engaged in stock assessment within fisheries departments, research institutes and non-governmental organizations in the Mediterranean and Black Sea, as well as to young scientists seeking specialization in applied quantitative methods for natural resources management.





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