Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea

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 Year 2018  -  ordered by date


12-13/07/2018 - Rome - Italy

AdriaMed Working Group on Small Scale Fisheries in the Adriatic Seaclick to open relative text


24-25/05/2018 - Torre a Mare (BA) - Italy

AdriaMed Study Group on on intercalibration of fish otolith reading (Mullus barbatus and Solea solea)click to open relative text


22-23/03/2018 - Rome - Italy

AdriaMed meeting in support of fisheries Management Strategy Evaluation (MSE)click to open relative text


22-23/02/2018 - Rome - Italy

AdriaMed Study Group on Jabuka/Pomo Pit and on spatial fisheries analysisclick to open relative text


20-21/02/2018 - Rome - Italy

AdriaMed/MedReAct Workshop "Essential Fish Habitats and Sensitive Habitats of the Adriatic Sea: state of knowledge and conservation opportunities”click to open relative text


6-7/01/2018 - Sarajevo - Bosnia-Herzegovina

19th Meeting of the AdriaMed Coordination Committeeclick to open relative text


9-10/01/2018 - Rome - Italy

AdriaMed Study Group on intercalibration of anchovy otolith reading and revision of criteria in the Adriatic Seaclick to open relative text





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