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AdriaMed database on fisheries social surveys data (DBS): User Manual. Rome (Italy), September 2007 Browse the Publications
GCP/RER/010/ITA/OP-25 (AdriaMed Occasional Papers n°25). 2007. 11 pp. -588 Kb.  Download Download the Publication

Keywords: data collections -fishery data - marine fisheries - sociological aspects

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Through the FAO AdriaMed Project, the DataBase for fisheries Social surveys data (DBS) has been designed and created to hold and manage the data available from social surveys. The DBS is a stand-alone application designed and produced to organize the storage and preliminary analysis of the dataset available after the social survey of the fisheries sector in Albania (carried out in 2003). It is a simple, common tool to store data collected during any fisheries sector social survey and perform basic processing. The scope of this manual is to provide users with guidelines on the various tools available to turn raw data into useful information.

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