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Gramolini, R. - Mannini, P. - Milone, N. - Zeuli, V.
Developing a Regional Trawl Surveys Information System: AtrIS. (Rome, Italy 26th October 2005) Browse the Publications
GCP/RER/010/ITA/OP-17 (AdriaMed Occasional Papers n°17). 2005. 10 pp. -1,5 Mb-.  Download Download the Publication

Keywords: data collections - data processing - demersal fisheries - fishery surveys - informations systems - trawling

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Through the FAO AdriaMed Project, a Trawl Surveys Information System (ATrIS) has been developed for the AdriaMed Adriatic countries (Albania, Croatia, Italy, Serbia-Montenegro and Slovenia), providing a flexible common environment to standardize the trawl survey data collected in the AdriaMed demersal trawl surveys. ATrIS was conceived as a simple tool to store and perform basic processing of the data collected, to facilitate and to standardize the data entry and retrieval of data. The ATrIS system offers some basic utilities to interface data with the Geographical Information System (GIS). This paper provides an overview of the approach, the background and the rationale used to develop the AdriaMed ATrIS.

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