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Working Group on the Definition of Priority Topics Related to Shared Demersal Fishery Resources of the Adriatic Sea 1st Meeting, (Adriatic Sea Shared Stocks)    

24-25/7/2000 - Fano - Italy

click to open relative textIn line with the Project aim of strengthening joint research and regional management of shared fishery resources, this Working Group (WG) focuses mainly on demersal resources by identifying the most relevant issues and consequently formulating specific activities to be implemented within the cooperative framework of the AdriaMed Project. The Adriatic Sea constitutes one the few exceptions within the Mediterranean where the shelf area extends beyond territorial into international waters. Many commercial species constitute or will constitute shared stocks, but sound scientific evidence is somewhat fragmentary. It is necessary to comprehend the pattern by which some stocks are shared between countries. Therefore, it would be desirable to produce and assemble evidence on the nature of shared stocks, which may depend on the movement pattern and, on a practical level, the interaction with fishing fleet/gear. This is an ad hoc WG whose activity will be in several sessions. The WG consists of regional experts and it is open to external, qualified contributions. It will be coordinated by an experienced scientist from the region assisted by the AdriaMed staff. Initially, the WG will consider a list of target commercial species which are thought to constitute shared stocks. Consequently, should the available scientific evidence be uncertain or insufficient, available information (e.g. research data, fishery statistics, etc.) from each country will be cooperatively used for analysis. Important gaps in the scientific knowledge of some shared stocks, which cannot be filled with the existing information, will be highlighted and research proposals drawn up. The main aim is the strengthening of regional scientific cooperation through the organization of an international Working Group of experts on the identification and definition priority topics related to shared demersal resources of the Adriatic Sea shared stocks. The Working Group is established within the so-called Adria-SHARE project component “Report of the 1st Meeting of the AdriaMed Coordination Committee”, GCP/RER/010/ITA/TD-01, refers). The WG has the practical and operative objectives of: Identifying and defining shared demersal resources and related fisheries of the Adriatic Sea; Considering the available information and knowledge on how these resources are shared between countries/fishing fleets; Reviewing and highlighting the gaps in the scientific knowledge of shared demersal stocks which are relevant for their management; Proposing activities of regional scientific cooperation to be carried out within AdriaMed framework. The WG will identify the main and priority issues concerning the biological knowledge and fishery management aspects of the shared demersal stocks of the Adriatic Sea. Consequently, practical formulation of joint activities will be elaborated by the WG, inclusive of methodological approach, to be implemented by the AdriaMed Project within its resources and mandate. The work programme for the future WG activities will be established. A report of the meeting will be prepared by the Secretariat in cooperation with the Chairman. It is expected that from the WG activities an improved definition and assessment of commercially important shared stocks will be obtained through strengthened regional scientific cooperation. Proposals for joint research priorities will be elaborated where needed. Technical advice for cooperative fishery management of shared resources will be formulated. The WG was attended by: AdriaMed relevant scientific counterparts from each country participating in the Project (Regional Experts); FAO-AdriaMed Secretariat.        


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Priority Topics Related to Shared Demersal Fishery Resources of the Adriatic Sea -Report of the First Meeting of the AdriaMed Working Group on Shared Demersal Resources-.  (Fano, Italy 24th-25th July 2000). Browse the Publications
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Keywords: conferences - demersal fisheries - fishery management - fishery resources - marine fisheries - shared stocks - stock assessment - trawl nets


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