Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea

AdriaMed Expert Consultation “Interactions between aquaculture and capture fisheries”

(Rome, Italy 5th-7th November 2003)


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The principal objective of the expert consultation was to explore the main issues dealing with interactions between aquaculture and capture fisheries using the existing knowledge at Adriatic basin level. The National contributions provided background information of the aquaculture sector in Adriatic countries. Furthermore, on the basis of the information available, a preliminary commented inventory of the main (or potential) relationships between aquaculture and capture fisheries will be presented and discussed, including mention of: local fishing communities (i.e. competition for coastal area use), the impact of aquaculture on local aquatic resources (i.e. genetic pollution, exotic species introduction, pathology spreads), market competition, quality of product, mechanisms to control and prevent competition as well as existing agreements. The expert consultation took into due consideration the current levels of aquaculture development and expectations in the Adriatic Countries. The results of this expert consultation could also be useful for other Mediterranean areas.

The expert consultation provided specific recommendations related to the interaction of capture fisheries and aquaculture using the systemic approach (ecology, economy, governance, legal framework). The expert consultation was an opportunity to generate information to create a base data set on the status of aquaculture. The identification of some reliable indicators will help the future analysis.


During the 1st meeting of the AdriaMed Coordination Committee (Termoli, March 2000), delegates recognized the important issue of responsible aquaculture. Aquaculture could determine market and environment effects on fisheries activities and particularly on the prime species market. The Committee suggested that AdriaMed organize an expert consultation on the interactions between aquaculture and capture fisheries.

This initiative would represent a contribution at basin level towards the establishment of the principles of the CCRF (Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries) concerning responsible aquaculture activities. Furthermore the results of such an expert consultation could support the Adriatic countries in promoting guidance, which may be used in the development of national fisheries strategic policy and to advance relevant issues at sub regional level.


Fisheries Directorate, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policies, viale dell'Arte 16, 00144 Rome. 5-7 November 2003.




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