Scientific Cooperation to Support Responsible Fisheries in the Adriatic Sea


The Meeting of the AdriaMed Working Groups on Shared Fishery Resources

(17-18 October 2001 Fano, Italy)

Meeting topics
Agenda of the meeting
Meeting topics

The activities planned, together with the AdriaMed Working Groups related to the issue of small pelagics and demersal shared fishery resources of the Adriatic Sea, have been,or are being currently implemented. So far, within the Projectís framework, the following topics have been dealt with:†

  • Data Collection and Biological Sampling System on Small Pelagics in the Adriatic Sea: the programme is being implemented, the sampling network has been established, and the first on-the-job training session has been completed.

  • Preparation of a critical review of the current knowledge and available data sets on demersal resources: a collection and a review of available knowledge and information on demersal species are presently being attended to.

  • Inventory of the historical data sets and time series of abiotic and biotic variables available at the IOF-Split.

  • Identification and definition of Geographical Management Units in the Adriatic Sea: a regional proposal was presented to the GFCM-SAC.

  • Operational Units in the Adriatic Sea: a first regional approach was performed, focusing on the small pelagic fishing fleet.

  • Bibliographic review of the hake stock assessments in the Adriatic Sea.

  • Identification of Population Units in Adriatic Sea Shared Stocks by Genetic Structure Analysis: the programme is being implemented as scheduled, and on-the-job training sessions have been carried out.

  • AdriaMed bottom trawl survey: This is expected to be occur in October and November 2001.

  • Regional training course on fish population dynamics and stock assessment: carried out at the IOF-Split, 10-29 September 2001.

One of the key-elements of AdriaMed is that the appraisal of shared fishery resources must be done jointly and in cooperation with the scientific institutions of the countries concerned. So far, on several occasions, the Adriatic Region has turned out to be an area in which effective regional scientific cooperation is progressing. At this stage of the project, it is necessary to go forward with concerted actions in consideration of the priority topics identified by the regional scientists at the AdriaMed Working Group meetings. A number of issues still need to be addressed, considered, and acted upon. Among other issues, these might briefly be as follows:

  • Formulating a Workplan for the identification of management options for the critical habitat of the Pomo/Jabuka Pit.

  • Appraisal of small pelagic resources of the Adriatic, also taking into consideration the recent GFCM-SAC issues and the review of the progress of the on-going AdriaMed Small Pelagic programme will also be considered.

  • Establishing and developing a regional approach/strategy for the appraisal of demersal fishery resources and for the consequent formulation of advice for fishery management.

  • Further use of available information at the regional level for fishery biology and resource appraisal purposes, and for environment-fishery resource relationships.

On the basis of the above and in order to develop as much as possible a collective plan of work, it is advisable to hold an ad hoc meeting. Such a meeting should be informal in nature and practical in its content. The proposed dates are the 17th and 18th of October, 2001. The venue will be at the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fishery in Fano (Italy).

Agenda of the meeting

The schedule of the meeting and some of the possible topics are indicated below:

October 17 - morning: Formulation of a work plan for the Pomo/Jabuka area.

October 17 - afternoon: Demersal resources (including GFCM-SAC issues)†
-Short and medium term planningAspects of the bottom trawl survey.†

October 18 - morning: Small pelagic resources (including GFCM-SAC issues)†
-Short and medium term planningAdria-SP implementation (also based on the review of the 1st interim report).




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