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05/06/2020 - SKYPE -  

AdriaMed Working Group on Demersal Fishery Resources in the Adriatic Sea. AdriaMed Study Group on intercalibration of demersal fish otolith reading (Solea). Session 7: roadmap for Solea solea 2: towards the benchmark assessment of Solea solea; 

click to open relative textThe seventh session of the virtual AdriaMed Working Group of Demersal Fisheries Resources was dedicated to the "Stock assessment of priority and non priority species". The meeting was held virtually on Skype on 5th June 2020. The WG i) revised the analysis done on the exchange of Solea solea otoliths; ii) discussed on the possible consequences that the ageing revision could bring to the estimation of the age length keys to be used in the next stock assessment of Solea solea; iii) recalled the problem, still existent, of species misinterpretation between S. solea and S. egyptiaca; iv) progressed on the compilation of information on the critic area so called "Solea Sanctuary" in the North Adriatic Sea.  



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