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19-23/10/2020 - Zoom -  

Online course/Workshop on Empirical Indicators for Fisheries Management Advice    

click to open relative textThe FAO Mediterranean Projects AdriaMed, CopeMed, EastMed and MedsudMed organized, in collaboration with the FAO-Fisheries Division, thethe Online course/Workshop on Empirical Indicators for Fisheries Management Advice (Zoom, 19-23 October 2020)). The course was attended by 27 participants, mainly senior scientists from 13 Mediterranean countries involved in the Projects activities. The course focused on Empirical Management Procedures and particularly on the development, selection, and use of empirical indicators to provide operational fisheries management advice. Its starting point was the set of basic requirements of the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries applied to Fisheries Management Processes. During the workshop most of the time was dedicated to discussing the process and criteria for selecting, validating, using and communicating empirical indicators, and also on how to run a peer-validation process for improving the credibility and legitimacy of the indicators and their use in management. A pool of indicators was selected and real data exercises on two stocks formally assessed respectively as over- and under- exploited in the Mediterranean were completed. The results were discussed to highlight properties of indicators and to compare the indicator findings with the outcomes of model based assessment.      



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