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Information on Aquatic and Fishery Sciences

AdriaMed since 2000 is one of the ten International Partners of ASFA (Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts) thus contributing in the realization of the ASFA database.

ASFA is an abstracting and indexing service covering the world's aquatic science and literature.

Aim of AdriaMed for ASFA is to promote access to information on aquatic and fishery sciences in the countries participating in AdriaMed (Albania, Croatia, Italy, Montenegro and Slovenia) and to ensure the widest possible circulation of scientific literature published in the Adriatic region.

The list of the serials monitored by AdriaMed for ASFA includes 22 titles of scientific publications dealing with aquatic sciences and fisheries (comprehensive of the publications belonging to the series AdriaMed Technical Documents and AdriaMed Occasional Papers).

In addition and in support to this the Project created a database which replicates over 4500 records included in the ASFA database related to the Adriatic Sea.

This database has been created with the kind authorization of the Publishing ASFA Partner, the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), and the FAO ASFA Secretariat.

All the records reported in the ASFA database and in this replica, are produced through the co-operative efforts of the ASFA Partners.

To access the database please

For further information on ASFA please refer to the ASFA website.




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